Maras Moray and Salt Mines


  • Departure: 09:00 am.
  • Duration: 5 hours

Itinerary Itinerary

Moray Guided visit to the not traditional MORAY circuit, a unique archaeological site. Moray is a place of depressions or natural gigantic holes in the surface of the area that were used to construct in its contours farming terraces or agricultural platforms with their respective irrigation canals. What calls powerfully the attention is the difference of annual average temperature between the highest areas with the bottom of the depressions, which manages to have even 15°C in the principal depression of approximately 30 meters of depth.
Then we will go towards the Salineras located at 7 km of Moray, we will pass a Typical Spanish Village called Maras. Towards the northwest of the village of Maras we can find the famous salineras known by some as “salt pans” there are constituted by approximately 3000 small pans by an average area of approximately 5 m ², constructed in a side of the inclination of the mountain of “Qaqawiñay




  • Sightseeing bus.
  • English speaking guide

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