Celebrations in Cuzco

January 1 to 6: Exhibition of Births typical in churches and houses of Qosqo.

January 6: “Descent of the Three Wise Men”, is an important religious festival in Ollantaytambo.

February (movable date): Carnivals in the different towns of the Sacred Valley and Cusco, it is customary to perform the Yunsada Party (tree cutting).

March (insert date) Holy Week: Procession of the Señor de los Temblores of on Easter Monday and some other processions during the week, also exhibits the Eucharist on Holy Thursday, Good Friday way of the cross different parishes organized by one of the oldest routes is from the Temple of San Francisco to Sacsayhuaman.

May 2: “Cross Velacuy” day Qosqo Catholic crosses and Andean almost every town, the festival continues even until May 4, – (movable between May and June) the Feast of the Lord of Qoyllurit’i in Mountain Sinakhara in Ocongate; pilgrimage to the shrine of people Qoyllurit’i Lord.

June (movable date): the Corpus Christi procession then lead the procession of Blessed Virgin and Saints almost every parish in the city escorted followed by dances. It sells fruit and local dishes in the center of town, the classic dish for the festival is “Chiri Uchu”.

July 16: the great religious festival of the Virgin of Carmen in Paucartambo well as P’isaq. Sunrise in the district of Tres Cruces.

June 16 to 23: Cusco is full of life, color art, EMUFEC presents a variety of cultural events presentation of dance, music, car allegorical level colleges, institutions, theaters, choirs, music.

June 24: Inti Raymi, the performance is in Saqsaywaman is the most important festival days of the Incas: the “Festival of the Sun”.

June 29: Feast of Saint Peter and Saint Paul in the parish of Saint Pedro in Qosqo and districts of those names Canchis province.

August: 1. Payment to the Earth by the cops I Pachamama, in different places of the city both institutional and individual payment is made to the land – thanks to Mother Earth that gives us life in food-can be conducted throughout the month of August.

September 8: Feast of Virgin of Nativity, held in the parish of Almudena is characteristic however witness the procession followed by many very colorful dances walking to the main square of Cusco.

September 14: Feast of the Lord of Huanca. Includes pilgrimage Qosqo City as well as gender and cattle fair in the town of San Salvador.

September 30: Feast of Saint. Jerome in the district of San Jeronimo, Tourism Week, with various sports and cultural activities.

October 4: Feast of Saint Francisco in Urcos and Maras.

November 1 y 2: Day of All Saints, day of the living and the dead

Sales of bread with ways to “wawas” (dolls) and “horses” (young horses), consumption of “Sucker” (pork and roast) and “Tamales” (wet-corn bread).

December 19: Feast Gourmet in Andahuaylillas.

December 24: Santuranticuy fair (the Purchase Saints), for display and sale of arts in the Plaza de Armas of Cusco.

December 25: the birth of Jesus. Christmas

December 31: welcome New year in the main square of Cusco