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Peru is a country that has it all. Its ancestral heritage gives us the chance to admire countless archaeological treasures. Its land is covered with amazing natural and pristine areas, preserving most of the biodiversity of the world in just one country. But above all, its warm-hearted people allow the soul of the travelers to get in touch with the country. Contrast of colors, sounds and landscapes from the vast desert coast with the greatness of the Pacific Ocean and giant sand dunes to the Andean highlands with its snowy peaks, glaciers and lagoons and down to the Amazon Rainforest rich in wild animals, plants and numerous endangered species in the world.

Peru will astound you with its diversity, from its countless indigenous peoples, languages and traditions to its variety of wildlife. Peru Machu Picch0u Trip invite you to come to Peru, discover our land and let us show you deep inside our country. It will be a unique and unforgettable experience. Pack your senses and come to Peru!

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Location: Cusco. It is situated in the south of Peru covering mountain and forest areas, has an area of 76.329 square kilometers and a population of over one million inhabitants.

In the highlands the seasons are divided into wet and dry period from December to March is the rainy season. the average annual temperature is 11 º C, while in the jungle areas, exceeds 25 º C.